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About Me

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I’m Amber, 24, flailing through life like a walrus on roller skates. Come join me on said flailing.

I live in Spain with my long-suffering and infinitely patient girlfriend Biby where we spend our days miscommunicating in Spanish, leaving bad reviews and taking the piss out of people on First Dates.

I made this blog to share my travel disasters. And general life disasters. On occasion, I post something more useful.

I also forget the year sometimes. So, hello flailing walrus.

Let’s flail together 🙂

Things that make me happy:

  1. Ernest Hemingway quotes (but not Ernest Hemingway because he was a wanker)
  2. Intersectional Feminism
  3. Coffee and tacos but not both at the same time
  4. Drake songs
  5. Drake’s big heart
  6. Croquetas
  7. Gay things because I be gay
  8. Listening to music on my own when very drunk
  9. Eating instant noodles with a knife when very drunk
  10. Just being very drunk
  11. Biby