Things I like


Travel Products

1. Universal Travel Adapter

I was unsure about this, but it still works to this day! It was particularly handy in South America, where I was moving between various different countries with different outlets.

2. Silky Sleeping Bag Liner

This saved my butt so many times. In dodgy hostels when I didn’t trust the sheets. On cold buses when I needed a nap.

According to the reviews on Amazon, one reviewer even used it for her fake tan. FYI.

3. Mosquito Net

4. Silk Money Belt

I use this to keep my passport and money safe. I can even fit my iPhone and keys in there! Most importantly, it’s slim, so it’s not visible under your clothes.

But you’re probably wondering why I chose a silk money belt, “Oh, she’s one of THOSE travellers”. Not to get too gross on you, but silk tends to repel sweat. That comes in handy when you’re in a hot country!

5. Water Purification Tablets

It’s unfeasible to assume that you’ll always have access to bottled water. These tablets allow you to purify tap water and they actually work!

Travel Apps/Websites

1. is a brilliant offline map app that everyone should know about. When I first started travelling, I thought “Oh no! I won’t have roaming data! How am I going to get around? Wait…I wonder if there’s an app that allows you to download maps for offline use”. There was indeed such a thing, and it saved my butt on so many occasions. Basically, you download regions/countries when you’re online, and then when you’re offline, your device will use GPS to find where you are. I’m not affiliated with this app, but this is genius and I hope it helps you out, too!

2. I also use when I need to get a bus or a train. Let’s say you need to get a bus from Rio to São Paulo. This website will give you a list of bus operators, their websites, and how frequently they run. It also calculates the journey time and the price. Sorted!

*This page contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, I may receive a small commission (for which I am deeply grateful) at no extra cost to you. I used and loved these products before I started the blog!*